The Challenge

by Clairet

On 22nd November I will be attempting to write 100 poems in one day. That’s more than I usually write in a year so I can’t help but think that I’m setting myself up for failure! I will be using this pop-up blog of mine for the challenge.

This is all Tim Clare’s fault, he’s been doing it for four years so he should know better really.

I would like there to be some higher goal to this, so alongside this challenge I will also be raising money for a charity close to my heart, Refuge.

If you’d like to help me with this challenge here’s what you can do:

  • Suggest poem titles. As many or as few as you want!
  • Order me some poems: i.e a villanelle on a polar bear called Strepsils, a triolet on Tesco value tinned tomatoes or anything else that you’d like. It can be a form, a topic, a technique, anything…
  • Help me reach my very modest JustGiving goal of £100. That’s £1 per poem. If we surpass that goal I will be over the moon of course.
  • Tweet me words of encouragement.

That’s it really! Please make use of the comment box or twitter for your suggestions – it’ll be easier for me to keep track in two weeks’ time…

Oh and for extra fun, I’m also hosting a Q&A with one of my favourite poets of all times that same day at 1pm. So to take that into account, I will start writing poems from 8am and finish at midnight (hopefully).