The Aftermath

by Clairet

The 100 poems challenge has been and gone, thank you so much to everyone who showed their support, threw titles, images, songs at me in the hope some would stick. I was overwhelmed by your loveliness and found out all sorts of things, from the name for button-phobia, to a detail in a Titian painting I had never paid attention to.

Thank you especially to the 46 of you who have donated to Refuge via my JustGiving page, I cannot believe that it raised £615! If you enjoyed the poems at all, or the sheer absurdity of the task, then please consider making a donation, the page will apparently stay up for another three months so there’s still time!

Update: I have now made the poems private, but the JustGiving page lives on. I have written a blogpost for the Poetry School about the experience. Thanks again for the support xx