by Clairet

One more sleep before the 100 poem challenge begins!

Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far, either to me and/or to my team-mates, we’re all fundraising for a common cause, and I really hope our efforts can make a difference. If you’d like to donate, it’s not too late, click here.

I’ve got my postcards at the ready as well as some words I’ve cut out from the English magazines I could find here (I ❤ English Junior, in case you’re wondering), plus there’s the leftover of an Ayn Rand I’d already desecrated two years ago by wallpapering part of my wall with it, so that should come in handy as erasure/censorship poetry….

The biggest challenge I think is to deal with the technical side alongside the creative, i.e writing poems on computer, hand-writing them on postcard, taking pictures, uploading them with suitable tags etc to here. I might end up doing them in batches to see if that’s more efficient. It might give my brain a bit of a break too…

Anyhow, just going to create a ‘sticky’ post if I can, with all info on it, including how to claim a postcard, and then settle down for the evening. Thanks again to everyone for their support, and I hope you enjoy my flailing tomorrow!