Welcome to the #100poems challenge 2014!

by Clairet

Here is the rundown: I am writing 100 poems on postcards on 15th August to raise money for Refuge (if you’re wondering why, read here). Three awesome poets are also taking part in challenges that day, check them out here. The poems will start appearing below this post tomorrow.

Do you want a postcard?

  • Claim it! Write a comment below the poem/postcard that you like. First come first served. I’ll post it to you once I’m back in the UK (27th).
  • Please donate, even if it’s just 10p!

How can you help?

  • Suggest a title! or a prompt! or a weird constraint! You can do that on twitter, or as a comment here, or when you donate.
  • Help spread the word about what we’re doing! We’re using the hashtag #refugepoetry