Have you claimed your #refugepoetry postcard?

by Clairet

Hi everyone!

A little over a week has gone by since the challenge and I am preparing both my return to England and the posting of the postcards to those who want them. As a reminder, you can claim any and as many as you want (as long  as you’ve donated here). I’ll be claiming postal addresses soon, and the online versions will disappear after 27th….

These are the ones claimed so far, if your name doesn’t appear and you thought you were getting one, do comment below the relevant poem/postcard clearing stating that you’re claiming it!

Claimed postcards

#94 ‘Swimming in Sauce’: for Claire S.

#88 ‘Oil on Panel’: for Carrie B.

#87 ‘Something Bit Me’: for Natalya A.

#85 ‘Stories Under the Corset’: for Gillian P.

#82 ‘Take care… the water’s full of sharks’: for Ruth S.

#76 ‘Bigoudenes’: for Kathy P.

#70 ‘The Nurse Remembers’: for Sarah J.

#67 ‘Too large a ghost’: for Mark A.O.

#54 ‘Splendour in the Graveyard’: for Lavinia

#53 ‘A Brick Remembers’: for Hel

#53 ‘On a Forthcoming Marriage’: for Louise L.

#46 ‘The Colour Yellow in post-Victorian Accessories’: for Amy K.

#45 ‘Brain Cake’: for Helen W.

#43 ‘Green Terrapin/Blue Water’: for Susie

#35 ‘Remind me to thank John for a lovely week-end’: for Rhys

#32 ‘Stab Variation’: for Ben

#20 ‘Full Tilt’: for Eleanor T.

#16 ‘Margot’: for Annik C.

#7 ‘La Chevre’: for Clouds